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Your Centrist Independent Mp Candidate for Poplar & Limehouse

Poplar & Limehouse is home to the great wealth of Canary Wharf - and also the 3rd highest rate of child poverty (43%) in the UK. Residents also suffer from lack of affordable housing and rising anti-social behaviour.

I grew up in a community like this myself, where my parents needed state benefits to survive and provide the support I needed to leave education and get into work.

I did break free from poverty to become one of the UK’s first internet entrepreneurs in 1994 – however many of my friends did not break free and we trapped in unemployment or underemployment.

This social injustice is why I exited my business in 2004 to help others and leads me now to stand as your centrist independent MP candidate in Poplar & Limehouse.

My Pledges

Child Poverty

Child Poverty in Tower Hamlets is the 3rd highest in the UK. AND YET THE CHILD POVERTY UNIT WAS ABOLISHED IN 2016 BY THE GOVERNMENT!

My Pledge

I will work hard to re-establish the Child Poverty Unit, ensure it is properly funded so we can work on truly eradicating child poverty in our communities.


Schools are suffering budget cuts with teachers being made redundant or being asked to teach subjects not core to their training.

My Pledge

I will work hard to ensure we have a correctly funded education system that truly increases the life chances of our children.


As a child, my parents needed child benefit and government support to survive – just like many families in Poplar & Limehouse and across the UK.

My Pledge

I will work hard to end the freeze on Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit and reinstate link between annual increases in benefit levels and inflation.


Anti-social behaviour has increased rapidly across Tower Hamlets in the last 12 months.IN THE SAME PERIOD, 24 YOUTH CENTRES HAVE CLOSED DOWN IN Poplar & Limehouse - LEAVING JUST 8!

My Pledge

I will work hard to secure the facilities, programmes and funding needed to empower our youth to be active members of their community and contributing to society.


Brexit has divided our nation, and after speaking with residents on the doorstep many are unsure about who to vote for whilst others are making protest votes.

My Pledge

With the major parties moving to the left and right, I am standing as a centrist independent MP candidate who will ensure a voice of effective opposition when required, and able to support and develop good ideas too. I will work hard to represent the needs of Poplar & Limehouse in Parliament.

Working Together

My Pledge

I will work hard to represent your interests. As part of this I will hold weekly surgeries so we can meet and work together for a better Poplar & Limehouse for all!

About David

I currently live in Hayes & Harlington, London with my wife Sofia, a secondary-school teacher. With our passion for equality of opportunity, we decided in 2016 to move to East London end of 2017 where I have already stood as a councillor in Portsoken in March.

As a social entrepreneur, some of the projects I currently volunteer with include:

Member of Tower Hamlets Inter Faith Forum:
Working to support better communication and understanding between different faiths in the borough.

Trustee of Livery Schools Link:
Helping to prepare young people in schools for the world of work.

Board member of Aldgate Community Events
Producing a diverse range of arts and cultural events, programmes and activities in and around Aldgate.

Latest Tweets

About my book, #eSociety

My book '#eSociety: In the digital age, no one should be left behind', part-autobiography and part-manifesto, serialises my journey and has already received 19 Amazon reader reviews for how people have responded to my story.

“I met David recently. I was immediately impressed by his steely determination to tackle the injustices he sees in society and willingness to make the world a better place.”

Darryl Howes

“The passion for development, justice and young people seen in his story is amazing and can serve as a hope for many of us.”

Amal Shakeel

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Thank you for taking the time to view my website. I hope you will vote DAVID BARKER on June 8th to elect a centrist independent MP focussed on ensuring real change in Poplar & Limehouse.

You can contact me anytime by email or via twitter:

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David Barker, standing as an eSociety MP for Poplar & Limehouse.